Meet The Freckles

We're friendly, creative, and we mean business. Freckle Creative has a team of creative people ready to help you on your project right now. Meet some of the Freckles below:

Matt Price - Managing Director - Uber Freckle
With a Bachelor of Business in Information System and Marketing, and over 15 years of experience in the Internet, web design, and graphic design, Matt steers the ship at Freckle and the PerthWeb group of companies. He's happy to discuss your business ideas and provide an innovative proposal before lettings his Freckles loose to blow your mind with their amazing design work.

Chris Messina - Senior Designer - Supremo Pixellating Freckle
Originally hailing from Boston in the USA, where he worked on projects for Sony and Macy's, Chris has been crafting superb designs in sunny Perth for over 6 years now. Chris' sheer enthusiam combined with his design talents mean every client gets a great result that suits their business. From web design to logo design, Chris is at the front of our business dealing with clients and mustering our designers to give their all.

Thong Hong-Hui - Junior Designer -  Freckle SEED
Thong is Freckle's junior designer who's love for design is matched only by his love of novelty tees. Thong's work and inspirations are heavily influenced by the trend and popularity of Japanese pop culture, and has an artistic aptitiude for branding and logo designs.

Vanessa Evans - Project Manager - Organiser Freckle
Vanessa has been helping clients and managing projects at the PerthWeb group for over 7 years. She'll help ensure your project is on time and meets its budget, all whilst being undeniably cheery!

Ben Hitchcock - Lead Programmer - Nerd Herding Freckle
Ben leads our herd of web developers at our parent company PerthWeb. With over 10 years of experience including working at BHP and the Holden racing team, Ben knows his stuff and can gently and humanely crack the whip on our development herd to pull something special out of the hat.

Clare Byrne - Web Developer - Winsome Freckle
Clare is the gracious better half of the web dev team at Freckle, and has been a committed member of the team for three and a half years. The exalted "Queen of Responsive", Clare specialises in the development of mobile ready responsive web sites.

Cale Smith - Web Developer - Swole Freckle
Cale is the music loving, weight lifting gamer half of the web dev team at Freckle, and has also been a member of the dev team for three and a half years. Loyal to a tee, this quieter counterpart of the dev team dedicated to his work as much as he is to his dev partner.


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