Your Logo Tells a Story

Posted on: 27/11/2014

McDonalds. Apple. Nike. Facebook.
What do they all have in common (apart from being ridiculously successful corporations)?
A unique and recognisable logo!

Great logos are the ones that are recognised and tell a story about the business, including its core products and services. People recognise great logos, and more importantly, people trust the brand.

Brand identity is the crux of a businesses’ visual presentation, and a well thought out and designed logo can equate to business success, whereas a poor logo that doesn’t suit your business can be disastrous – would you want to buy anything from a business with a logo like these ones?

So don’t tarnish your brand and lose out on clients and sales because of a sloppy logo, a well- designed logo from Freckle Creative can boost the reputation of your brand and increase your return on investment, whilst giving you an all-important edge against your competitors!

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